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Best accessories to help you travel like a pro – from electronics to gadgets for hygiene

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By Shi Nengyi Published September 19, 2023 Updated September 19, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

Whether you’re embarking on a short weekend trip to regional destinations like Bangkok or Bali, or jetting off to a far-flung destination, the right travel accessories can enhance your experience, keep you organised, and ensure you’re well-prepared for any adventure that comes your way. From innovative tech gadgets that allow you to use your Bluetooth-enabled headset onboard to ingenious packing solutions that enhance luggage organisation, here are 12 travel accessories we can’t do without.

On the packing list1. Airplane Phone Mount, $12.282.  Travigo 4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser, $19.903. Perfume Pod Refill Spray Bottle, $9.904. Twelve South AirFly Flight Bluetooth Adapter, $695. Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter [Gen 2], $646. Trekking 50kg Max Electronic Luggage Scale Forclaz Travel, $14.907. 6-Pack Space Saving Bags with Handy Pump, $26.998. Baseus Camera Detector, $9.909. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker, $41.5710. Portable Handheld Electric Iron, $36.9111. Airplane Footrest, $20.8812. Baseus 3-in-1 Z12 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad, $32.39

Airplane Phone Mount

Imagine trying to survive a seven-hour flight to a place like Tokyo or Seoul sans in-flight entertainment or worse still, having to hold your phone while you binge-watch films for hours. This Airplane Phone Mount cleverly mounts itself to the stowed tray table on one end while holding your phone on the other. The dual joints with 360-degree rotation allow for the best viewing angle, whether you prefer vertical or horizontal orientation.

Airplane Phone Mount, $12.28, Buy it from Amazon

Travigo 4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser

With the Travigo 4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser, you can save on luggage space by having all your skincare, makeup, soaps, and other hygiene products conveniently stored in one place. You simply rotate the top cap of the dispenser to switch from one bottle to the next. Each individual bottle can store up to 40ml of liquid, which means they are also permitted as carry-on on flights.

Travigo 4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser, $19.90, Buy it from Amazon

Perfume Pod Refill Spray Bottle

A small refillable perfume spray bottle is a savvy addition to any traveller’s arsenal. The Perfume Pod’s compact size makes it incredibly portable, easily slipping into even the tiniest of carry-on bags or pockets. The highlight is its patented Genie-S refill system, allowing you to transfer your fragrance to the pod simply by pumping the bottle after connecting the bottom of the pod over the tube of your perfume bottle. This secure and leak-proof transfer system ensures all the potency of your precious perfume is well preserved.

Perfume Pod Refill Spray Bottle, $9.90, Buy it from Lazada and earn 1.2% cashback via merewards

Twelve South AirFly Flight Bluetooth Adapter

Own a pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones? You are going to want this. With the Twelve South AirFly Flight Bluetooth Adapter, you no longer need to use the average-quality wired headphones provided during your flight. When this Bluetooth adapter is plugged into the inflight entertainment system, you can easily pair your personal wireless headphones via Bluetooth in seconds. You can now finally shut yourself out from the noises onboard – ambient or otherwise – and enjoy moments of peace while soaring through the clouds.

Twelve South Bluetooth Adapter, $69, Buy it from Amazon

Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter [Gen 2]

They call this the ‘Best Travel Companion’, and we could not agree more. This genius product is all your travel power needs in one. It is a travel adapter, USB adapter, and socket extension all rolled into one cute little bagel-like package. With a total of four universal AC sockets, one US AC socket, and two USB ports, you can be sure you will never run out of sockets to charge your devices while on the road. The circular shape also ensures your power adapters can all be plugged in at the same time without any obstruction. Finally, apart from the integrated safety fuse that is already installed inside, there is also an additional spare fuse (6.3A) included within.

Mogics Power Bagel Travel Adapter [Gen 2], $64, Buy it from Lazada and earn 1.2% cashback via merewards

Trekking 50kg Max Electronic Luggage Scale Forclaz Travel

Don’t want to pay extra for exceeding your check-in luggage allowance? Make sure you have an electronic luggage scale with you when travelling. This electronic luggage scale by Decathlon comes with a metal ring and clasp for added strength and can accurately weigh up to 50kg. More importantly, it is also affordable as compared to other electronic luggage scales.

  Trekking 50kg Max Electronic Luggage Scale Forclaz Travel, $14.90, Buy it from Decathlon

6-Pack Space Saving Bags with Handy Pump

The worst part about travelling to a country during winter is probably the packing of bulky winter clothes. If packing is not your forte, you will probably need compression bags like these which can help you free up to an additional 80 per cent of space in your luggage. These compression bags are also 30 per cent thicker than most conventional bags in the market, making them ultra-durable and reusable. It comes with a handy portable pump for easy compression on the go.

6-Pack Space Saving Bags with Handy Pump, $26.99, Buy it from Amazon

Baseus Camera Detector

Worried about spy cams in hotels or public restrooms? This inexpensive and compact gadget allows you to check for hidden spy cams using infrared. It works by pointing infrared light at the direction you’re holding the detector towards, and any camera in the area will reflect a red light which will be visible through the lens of the detector.

Baseus Camera Detector, $9.90, Buy it from Lazada and earn 1.2% cashback via merewards

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Not many location trackers in the market come complete with a native tracking app for both Android and iOS. The Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker is one of them, while at the same time also being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google. The tracker works like most in the market – you can get the tracker to ring when it is near you or view its most recent location on a map. If you find yourself constantly losing things on the road, a location tracker is an absolutely essential item to bring along.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker, $41.57, Buy on Amazon

Portable Handheld Electric Iron

If you find yourself struggling with wrinkled clothing during your trips, perhaps it is time you consider packing a portable electric iron or garment steamer for your trips. Weighing only around 300 grams, this portable electric iron comes with an angular tip for ironing your collars and any narrow areas. The 50ml water tank also allows you to iron for up to 20 minutes at a time, which is probably more than enough for any traveller.

Portable Handheld Electric Iron, $36.91, Buy on Amazon

Airplane Footrest

An in-flight footrest sling might just be the unsung hero of comfortable air travel. This ingenious accessory transforms the cramped quarters of an airplane seat into a cosy haven for your feet. By elevating your legs and providing much-needed support, it helps reduce swelling and fatigue during long flights. Say goodbye to restless legs and hello to an elevated (pun intended) travel experience.

Airplane Footrest, $20.88, Buy it from Amazon

Baseus 3-in-1 Z12 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad

The modern era has ushered in a new phenomenon of gadget dependency, where charging cables have become the lifelines of our daily lives. Smartphones, earphones, and smart watches – we’re surrounded by a multitude of devices that constantly hunger for power. The Baseus 3-in-1 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad has the power to simultaneously charge handphones, earphones, and smartwatches via wireless charging – it’s the hero we never knew we needed. At only 97.8mm tall when folded, it is one essential yet handy charging gadget to have with you during your travels.

Baseus 3-in-1 Z12 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad $32.39, Buy it from Lazada and earn 1.2% cashback via merewards

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