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Must-have items to buy in Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2024

Must-have items to buy in Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2024

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By Delfina Utomo Published December 11, 2023 Updated December 12, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

ICYMI, Pantone recently announced the colour of the year and one thing’s for sure, no one predicted that it would be: Peach Fuzz. At first glance, it might seem almost un-special. It’s neither a pink, nor an orange – but it’s not a beige either. But let’s take it all in stride, the bright-sh hue does have a warmth and vibrancy to it and in a while, we’ll probably notice it on more things. 

But stay ahead of the trend! We rounded up some peachy and fuzzy things you can add to your collection. From fashion to home decor, explore the world of Peach Fuzz and discover a range of items that will add a touch of this trendy shade to your surroundings.

Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack in Peach Sand

Neutral enough to match with all kinds of outfit and bright enough to not be boring, this useful accessory can act as a purse when you go out while keeping your hands free. 

Hip Pack, $64.47, Buy it from Amazon

Buffbee Sound Machine & Alarm Clock

Start the new day with the new colour of the year. This peach alarm clock is also a sound machine with 18 soothing sounds to help you sleep like ocean sounds, birds chirping and even a thunderstorm. 

Sound Machine & Alarm Clock, $48.68, Buy it from Amazon

Colored Wine Glasses Set of 6

Just in time for the festive season, now you can toast to the new year in new peach-coloured glasses. 

Wine Glasses, $137.63, Buy it from Amazon

Cofil Ceramic Coffee Filter Dripper with Base in Salmon Pink

Coffee gadgets don’t always have to be sleek and monochrome – they can come in cute colours too. 

Cofil Ceramic Coffee Filter Dripper, $48.77, Buy it from Amazon

Sperry Women’s Crest Vibe Seacycled Sneakers

Be a step ahead of the trend and cop these versatile sneakers that are pull-on and have a memory foam, ensuring comfort and convenience. 

Sperry Sneakers, $97.29, Buy it from Amazon

Handmade Knit Clutch Bag

Crochet and knit have cycled in and out of what’s fashionable quite a lot – and the chunky knit bag is having its moment now. Lucky for you, there’s one in Pantone’s hue of the year too. 

Clutch Bag, $41.06, Buy it from Amazon

Martha Stewart Lockton 10-Piece Cookware Set

Just a tad shade lighter than the colour of the year but in the sea of boring grey cookware, this one will definitely stand out. 

10-Piece Cookware Set, $255.65, Buy it from Amazon

Set of 6 Luggage Storage Organiser

Keep things neat and tidy when packing for your next trip. And with bright packing cubes like these, it’ll make packing look like an art. 

Storage bags, $41.31, Buy it from Amazon

HOKA ONE Women’s Running Shoes

Be the first in the gym to be decked out in the colour of the year (plus Hoka shoes are really great for running). 

Running Shoes, $285.40, Buy it from Amazon