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Practical and cool One Piece merchandise — perfect for superfans of the anime or new fans of the Netflix hit

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By Delfina Utomo Published September 11, 2023 Updated September 13, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

It seems that no one can escape the whirlwind world of Japanese anime One Piece. Eiichiro Oda’s epic tale of pirates, adventure, and treasure hunting may already have a huge anime fanbase but after the most recent adaptation as a live action TV series on Netflix, One Piece is enjoying a new wave of recognition and also welcoming new fans. 

If you want to have a piece of One Piece, we embarked on a quest of our own – to discover the wacky world of One Piece merchandise. Take note, we’re not talking about a boring ol’ t-shirt or a canvas tote bag. Here’s our loot. 

The booty list:1. Luffy Straw Hat Ramen Bowl, $36.662. Embroidered Baseball Cap, $46.553. Luffy Figure with Night Lamp, $28.324. One Piece: Pirate Recipes, $35.635. One Piece Luffy Skeleton Pendant Necklace, $25.066. One Piece Airpods Pro Case, from $4.317. One Piece Art Posters, $26.07

Luffy Straw Hat Ramen Bowl (3-piece set)

Turning Luffy’s iconic straw hat into a bowl? Genius. It’s perfect for soupy noodles for one or just to heap the popcorn while you binge on episodes. 

Luffy Straw Hat Ramen Bowl (3-piece set), $36.66, Buy it from Amazon

Embroidered Baseball Cap

If you’re a fashion-forward individual but a true nerd at heart, this simple and stylish baseball cap would be a great way to stan your fave anime. 

Embroidered Baseball Cap, $46.55, Buy it from Amazon

Luffy Figure with Night Lamp

Looking for a cute statement lamp or a night light to do some reading before bed? This lamp is both decorative and practical – and adds some character to your bedside table. 

Luffy Figure with Night Lamp, $28.32, Buy it from Amazon

One Piece: Pirate Recipes

This cookbook references some of the foodie moments in the manga – mainly recipes from the cook in the pirate crew, Sanji – and also teaches you how to recreate the dishes like Elephant True Bluefin Saute and Monster Burger in real life. A must-have especially if you love experimenting in the kitchen. 

One Piece: Pirate Recipes, $35.63, Buy it from Amazon

One Piece Luffy Skeleton Pendant Necklace

For the fan who wants some wearable merch, this grunge-style necklace is one for those who love their accessories.

One Piece Luffy Skeleton Pendant Necklace, $25.06, Buy it from Amazon

One Piece Airpods Pro Case

Colourful and vibrant, you’ll find your pods in a jiffy in the mess of your bag. 

One Piece Airpods Pro Case, from $4.31, Buy it on Shopee

One Piece Art Posters

Contemporary art means anime in this pretty tasteful series of One Piece posters that any fan would be proud to put up on the wall.

One Piece Art Posters, $26.07, Buy it from Amazon

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