Home 8days What to pack for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on Sep 15-17 – based on lessons I learnt over the years attending previous races

What to pack for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on Sep 15-17 – based on lessons I learnt over the years attending previous races

What to pack for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on Sep 15-17 – based on lessons I learnt over the years attending previous races

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By Delfina Utomo Published September 7, 2023 Updated September 8, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

If there’s one thing we know about Formula 1 aficionados, it’s that they never compromise on style, even amidst the roar of the engines and the shimmering skyline of Singapore. The Marina Bay Street Circuit awaits, and with it comes the challenge of packing efficiently for an unforgettable race weekend. 

As an experienced race-goer, everything recommended here is purely from experience and learning from the years I’ve carried the wrong bag (a Kanken backpack), almost passed out from dehydration and shock from expensive water sold on-site, draining my phone battery because I ended up having to stream the races on my phone as screens are scarce at the circuit. I haven’t even started on the year I dressed up as Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff on a super hot day which ended up with heavy rain. 

So before you rev up your engines and head to the track, let us be your pit crew, guiding you through the essential items to stow away in your teeny tiny bag. From chic essentials to practical must-haves, here’s your tried and tested ultimate guide to packing like a pro for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix

1. Carry a teeny tiny bag 

Just a heads up, everyone will get checked at all the entrances for security purposes but the smaller the bag, the shorter the time it’ll take you. Leave your backpacks and fancy handbags at home and choose to go with waist pouches, small-sized crossbody bags or basically something big enough for a phone, (a small) wallet, and other essentials. 

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2. Yes, you can bring a reusable water bottle

Just remember that according to official regulations, the bottle has to be empty with a capacity of no more than 600ml! But don’t fret, there are several water points throughout the circuit. Pack a sleek, refillable water bottle that you can easily tuck into your bag. There will be ushers handing out maps when you enter so pick up one and do your recce on where the best points are (maybe one near the Paddock Club so you can accidentally bump into the drivers). 

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3. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a stylish hat

Singapore’s tropical climate can be as unpredictable as the race itself. Shield yourself from the elements with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of statement sunglasses (8Days’ pick: Ray-Bans sunglasses that celebs love). Don’t forget to layer on sunscreen to keep your skin looking radiant throughout the weekend. And if you’re not planning to spend $90 on an official F1 team cap, we have some wallet-friendly alternatives. 

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3. Plan for all-weather conditions

While we can’t predict the weather with precision, we can prepare for unexpected rain showers. Slip a compact, stylish rain poncho into your bag to ensure your fashion-forward outfit remains untouched by the elements. It’s a lifesaver for those sudden downpours — yes, we speak from experience.

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4. A minimalist wallet

Do you really have to bring your Pet Lovers Centre VIP card or the stack of business cards you’ve accumulated over the years? No. Un-bulk that wallet and opt for a minimalist wallet that can carry your essentials: cash, cards, and an ID. It’s the perfect way to streamline your spending and keep everything in one place.

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5. Show your team pride

Everyone knows the real F1 fans get their merch way before the Grand Prix itself – plus it’s really so expensive if you buy from the booths – so rock up to the races with a team tee or a cap… there are also flags if you want to get noticed. 

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6. Earplugs for ultimate comfort

The sounds of roaring engines are exhilarating, but they can be deafening and detrimental too. Slip a pair of high-quality earplugs into your bag to protect your ears without missing any of the heart-pounding action. Not sure what to get? We’ve got you covered (8Days’ pick: Check out the best earplugs you can get).

7. Portable phone charger to last the day

Let me tell you that your trusty smartphone is going to be tanking the whole day. From navigating around the circuit and checking notifications on the race to communicating with friends on your whereabouts and all the videos and photos you are going to be taking of the zoom-y cars and perhaps Charles Leclerc’s face, you will need backup in the form of a compact, portable charger. Keep that phone charged and you will have lots of fun, we promise. 

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