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3 common body goals, and expert treatments to help achieve them


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Lower body heft is troubling for many women – the tummy, hip and thigh area can be tricky to slim. “For extra help with these problem spots, we recommend the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment,” said Ms Sng.

To address her postpartum lower body weight gain, Kimberly recently underwent this treatment, which includes a wrap that helps “even out tummy bulges”. Thereafter, an ampoule containing peptides and purple carnitine is applied to the problem area using a handheld infrared device. According to Ms Sng, the latter emits heat and light, helping the ampoule penetrate more deeply. “The peptides, which have a small molecular size, can reach the deeper layers beneath the skin and potentially help with trimming the lower body,” added Ms Sng. 

After two months of treatments, Kimberly noticed that she had dropped a size. “I could fit into some of my pre-pregnancy bottoms again,” she said. 


Ms Sng recommends dorra’s full-body treatment, the Novashape Treatment, for time-strapped women “looking for a relaxing way to tone up”.

The therapist begins by applying a ‘fat-softening cream’ – enriched with guarana, capsaicin and Vitamin E – evenly on the body before using clingfilm wrap to enhance the cream’s absorption. “Therapists are trained to wrap the body in a way that’s specific to shaping and firming,” said Ms Sng. 

The customer then spends the next 20 to 30 minutes comfortably ensconced in an infrared spa capsule. Ms Sng shared that this form of infrared therapy raises the body’s core temperature, which can boost calorie burning, similar to what one would experience in a sauna, and has toning benefits. 


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