Home brand spotlight Enjoy the nutritional goodness of milk, without the tummy upsets

Enjoy the nutritional goodness of milk, without the tummy upsets

Enjoy the nutritional goodness of milk, without the tummy upsets

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According to Ms Belinda Leow, an accredited nutritionist from Eat Right, lactose-intolerant individuals with different nutritional needs can include Meiji Lactose Free Milk into their everyday diet.

For example, taking milk with meals may help with post-exercise recovery. Certain exercises like strength training and high-intensity interval training can cause muscle soreness, which should be remedied by consuming protein-rich food like milk post-workout, Ms Leow said. Milk also contains casein and whey protein that can aid muscle recovery during sleep, she added.

For older adults, having a high-protein diet is especially important as the ability to absorb protein decreases with age, and the amount of protein needed per meal to stimulate muscle building increases, Ms Leow explained.

Adults aged 65 years and above typically require 20g to 30g of protein per meal, she said, and a 200ml glass of milk with an egg sandwich provides 20g of protein.

Furthermore, milk is traditionally considered a sleep-promoting beverage as it contains naturally-occurring melatonin (a sleep hormone secreted by the pineal gland) as well as nutrients that promote melatonin secretion and production, said Ms Leow.

Some studies show that increasing tryptophan, an amino acid found in food, in one’s diet can improve sleep by increasing melatonin levels. According to Ms Leow, milk protein alpha-lactalbumin has been reported to have one of the highest natural levels of tryptophan among protein sources.

With Meiji Lactose Free Milk as a lactose-free alternative, it is possible for everyone in the family, young and old, to enjoy the nutritional goodness of milk.

Meiji Lactose Free Milk is also available in Dark Chocolate flavour. Find out more about Meiji Lactose Free Milk.