Home brand spotlight Understanding the hype behind a sculpted face

Understanding the hype behind a sculpted face

Understanding the hype behind a sculpted face
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An expert from Bioskin explains why contoured features are so sought after and elaborates on the non-invasive ways to achieve this look.

Besides their A-list status, there is another thing that celebrities such as Fan Bingbing, Park Bo Gum and Keira Knightley have in common: They all have a well-defined visage that has emerged as a contemporary beauty ideal in recent years.

A sculpted face on both men and women is considered aesthetically appealing, especially in Asia. Indeed, research showed that an oval-shaped face with a gracefully tapered jawline and delicately pointed chin was preferable among the study’s Chinese participants. There is also some evidence to show that people are more attracted to those with sculpted faces.

But while some may have been fortunate enough to inherit naturally defined facial contours, others may struggle to attain the same level of sculpted beauty. Ms Chanel Tay, assistant training manager, Bioskin, delves into the factors that can get in the way of attaining a sculpted visage and shares what can be done to help one achieve this goal.


Chiselled features – along with smooth and supple skin – have long been associated with youth and radiance. But for most people, the natural process of ageing erodes these once-defined contours, leading to a loss of facial definition. 

According to Ms Tay, this is because skin loses its elasticity as we get older, while structural changes to the dermis cause it to gradually become thinner. “Our skin is at its peak in our 20s,” she said. “The marked decline in collagen production is the main culprit behind the appearance of ageing skin.” 

She added that the dwindling reserves of structural collagen and elastin proteins impede the skin’s ability to “spring back” into place, resulting in a sagging appearance. At the same time, a build-up of dead skin cells due to reduced cellular turnover contributes to dullness and the deepening of wrinkles.  


Ms Tay stressed that less-than-ideal lifestyle habits can exacerbate signs of ageing, especially where the inconsistent use of skincare is concerned. “Many people buy the latest top-of-the-line skincare products expecting quick results, but transformation does not happen overnight,” she said. “You must be diligent with your skincare regime for results to show.”

Most commonly, skin damage occurs because many people still have not made sun protection a priority. “Using sunscreen daily is the first step to minimising the formation of wrinkles. UVA and UVB rays degrade the skin’s DNA, leading to premature cellular death, which then impairs the skin’s ability to repair itself,” Ms Tay said, adding that UV rays also break down collagen and elastin in the skin. She recommends using sunscreen daily, reapplying it every two hours, to minimise the formation of wrinkles.

“Additionally, high levels of stress can have an adverse effect on our skin,” she said. “Stress hormones, coupled with a diet that’s high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, can trigger inflammation. This, in turn, may manifest in more serious skin conditions such as hives or eczema.”


Following this invigorating process, the needle-free gold collagen thread lift takes centre stage, where the face is treated to a potent dose of collagen serum that penetrates deeply into the skin. Ms Tay explained that this step – which encourages collagen remodelling and skin regeneration – enhances lifting and firming, while plumping up the skin and refining its texture.

This is done in conjunction with the application of the master lift mask, which is fortified with high-performing ingredients. These include hydrolysed collagen to stimulate the production of collagen; bird’s nest extract to replenish nutrients in the skin, while promoting elasticity and firmness; and oat extract that not only protects and restores the skin’s barrier, but also soothes irritated skin. 

By making subtle adjustments to your lifestyle, adopting a diligent skincare routine and seeking professional help from the experts, it may be possible to get those coveted sculpted facial contours.

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