Home brand spotlight Unlock your wardrobe must-have with shapewear embraced by diverse women

Unlock your wardrobe must-have with shapewear embraced by diverse women

Unlock your wardrobe must-have with shapewear embraced by diverse women

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One key factor that enhances the wearability and versatility of Lazywaist’s products is the meticulous selection of material. “Our compression shaping range featuring The Slim (high-waisted sculpting pants) and The Sculpt (an arm-shaping top) is crafted from the same medical-grade material used by South Korean plastic surgeons in post-liposuction compression wear,” she said. 

She pointed out that numerous patients in South Korea who had undergone liposuction were required to wear compression garments continuously for a minimum of 72 hours. As such, it was imperative for the material to be moisture-wicking, comfortable and lightweight. 

Beyond its functional qualities, shapewear can also feel luxurious. The Desire, a contouring underwear from the Lazywaist collection, touts intricate lace detailing, lending it a sumptuous finish. 


Compression wear refers to snug, elastic clothing designed to compress and provide support to underlying tissues in the body and limbs. This concept is thought to mitigate the effects of gravity and promote improved posture and wound healing.

Such garments are widely used in sports to boost blood circulation and ease muscle swelling after workouts, and harnessed in medical therapy to address conditions such as varicose veins.

Lazywaist’s compression range offers compression levels that closely resemble those found in medical-grade compression wear. “Doctors typically prescribe compression wear with levels at 40mmHg and above while our products feature compression levels of 35mmHg. This slightly lower figure ensures comfort for daily wear while still providing nearly identical benefits,” explained Ms Chua.

Illustrating her point, Ms Chua shared that The Slim is expected to provide double the compression compared to regular yoga pants.

Lazywaist’s compression and shapewear range is a favourite among air stewardesses, offering support during long periods of standing and helping them maintain a sleek physique in their fitted uniforms.

For Ms Yeoh, it has become an essential companion on long-haul flights, ensuring improved lower body circulation. She reflected: “I’ve noticed a reduction in water retention and my body appears less bloated.” 

Meanwhile, Ms Chin has integrated The Slim into her fitness sessions, boosting compression during her gym and Pilates workouts. Additionally, it helps her achieve a more streamlined figure.


It is important to align one’s shaping objectives with the right shapewear, especially when addressing a specific need such as postpartum body shaping. Ms Chua shared that the postpartum period is often regarded as “a golden phase of recovery”, characterised by pelvic expansion and “a more adaptable body state”, making postpartum binders beneficial in contouring and supporting the abdominal area. 

While waist training is a common practice in European countries, there are limited products designed to suit the Asian physique in the market, said Ms Chua.