Home singapore #trending: Are S'poreans ‘entitled’? Actress thinks so, lists aspects of S’pore life citizens should be grateful for

#trending: Are S'poreans ‘entitled’? Actress thinks so, lists aspects of S’pore life citizens should be grateful for

#trending: Are S'poreans ‘entitled’? Actress thinks so, lists aspects of S’pore life citizens should be grateful for
Freelance actress and host Caitanya Tan posted a TikTok video in which she claimed that Singaporeans “can be very entitled”Despite concerns over Singapore’s rising cost of living, Ms Tan asserts that Singaporeans are still in a better situation than most people in other countriesIn her video, Ms Tan compared Singapore with other countries in terms of income tax, home ownership, public transportation and the price of foodWhile many agreed that Singaporeans are “fortunate”, some online users claimed that Ms Tan’s comparisons were not fair

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SINGAPORE — It is no secret that the rising cost of living is weighing heavily on the minds of many Singaporeans, with Parliament passing a motion on Tuesday (Nov 7) calling on the Government to continue pursuing policies that lower cost of living pressures on Singaporeans and their families.

Despite such concerns, freelance actress and host Caitanya Tan took to TikTok on Thursday to argue that Singaporeans still have it much better than many others around the world.

Starting off her video with a bold claim that Singaporeans “can be very entitled”, Ms Tan went on to provide several examples in her bid to debunk the notion that the Lion City is an expensive place to live in.

She shared that her opinion is based on the many conversations she has had with people that she met during work trips overseas.

@caitofalltraits This is why I love Singapore #majulahsingapura #singapore #costofliving ♬ original sound – Caitanya Tan

Ms Tan’s TikTok video has garnered over 123,000 views and close to 6,000 comments as of Friday.

Several online users agreed with the points raised, acknowledging that Singapore is a great place to live.

One user commented: “You nailed it. You people are blessed to be born in Singapore. People who don’t have these in their life will know the value.”

Another user wrote: “Generally agree with you! Honestly it is easier for those who have lived overseas to appreciate what we have in Singapore.”

Someone else said: “Preach!! The grass is not always (and in our case, almost never) greener on the other side. Love Singapore!”

Some agreed that most Singaporeans have their basic needs fulfilled.

As one person remarked: “It’s really wants versus needs. We definitely have all we need here! But people confuse the two and blame the Government.”

However, some TikTok users challenged some of Ms Tan’s claims.

A netizen questioned: “In what sense does the concept of an HDB 99-year lease translate into home ownership?”

Another person similarly asked: “Does a 99-year lease equate to ownership? Sounds to me like a long-term rental paid by retirement funds.”

Other online users raised other issues Singaporeans grapple with, such as the cost of healthcare and the number of hours worked in a week.

As this user wrote: “There is no perfect country but Singapore is considered one of the best. But service? Healthcare? Needs a bit of work.”