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Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line to operate shorter hours on some days due to rail expansion works

Circle Line, Thomson-East Coast Line to operate shorter hours on some days due to rail expansion works

Natasha Ganesan


Around 13,700 people will be affected per Sunday by the upgrading work on the automatic train supervision system, said a LTA spokesperson in response to media queries. 

“Majority are home trips from the city or central region where commuters have alternative MRT lines or bus services to reach their destinations. Most of the Circle Line stations have connecting bus services to other MRT lines,” said the spokesperson.

For the single platform service, about 43,000 commuters, on average, travel from Labrador Park to HarbourFront stations per day, LTA spokesperson added. 

On why the works at HarbourFront station take four months to complete, the spokesperson highlighted that the works are “extensive” as a portion of the existing track and cables needs to be removed and replaced. 

The works include removal of existing running rail, hacking of existing track bed concrete, installation of the new turnout, installation of signalling cables and trackside equipment. Lastly, there will also be reconnection of the rails as well as testing and commissioning, said the spokesperson.  “Multiple contractors will be involved to carry out works concurrently, and works will be carried out around the clock where possible. 

“However, for safety and to avoid impacting service on the rest of the CCL, some works can only be carried out after CCL service hours, including testing and commissioning of the new connection,” said the spokesperson. 

LTA will work closely with the contractors to ensure the most efficient use of manpower and the additional engineering hours, the spokesperson added.


From Nov 3, 2023 to Jan 28, 2024, train services on the TEL will commence later at 8am on Saturdays and Sundays.

The services will also end earlier at 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Trains will operate at the usual timings on Deepavali and its eve on Nov 11 and 12.

“These adjustments are needed to facilitate the rigorous integrated testing of systems in TEL Stages 1 to 4, to prepare for the opening of TEL Stage 4 for passenger service next year,” said LTA and SMRT.

Two shuttle bus services will be provided for commuters affected by the late opening at 8am, plying between Woodlands North and Caldecott station, and between Caldecott and Outram Park station at intervals of about 5 to 10 minutes.

Approximately 19,200 people per weekend will be affected by the early closure and late opening, with the majority being commuters travelling during the late opening period, said the LTA spokesperson.

LTA and SMRT advised commuters to plan their journeys in advance in light of the service adjustments.

Passengers can also refer to LTA’s MyTransport.SG mobile app and LTA’s and SMRT’s social media platforms for more details. Station staff will also be deployed to render assistance at affected stations during the service adjustment period, the authorities added.

“We thank commuters for bearing with the inconvenience during the service adjustment period. These works will bring us closer to completing Stage 4 of the TEL and Stage 6 of the CCL, slated to commence passenger service in 2024 and 2026 respectively,” they said. 

“Together, these expansions will provide greater convenience for commuters and improve the resilience of our MRT network.” CNA

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