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Man jailed after providing Indonesian cleaners with forged Singapore ICs

Man jailed after providing Indonesian cleaners with forged Singapore ICs
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SINGAPORE — A 48-year-old man was jailed on Thursday (Sept 14) for providing an Indonesian cleaner with a forged Singapore identity card (IC).

Singaporean Mohamad Norrahhi Noman was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment. Another two charges of providing another Indonesian man with a forged IC and of possessing a forged IC were taken into consideration for sentencing. 

The first Indonesian man, 28-year-old Onky Febrian, arrived in Singapore on Oct 31 last year and stayed with Norrahhi at his Boon Lay Drive home.

Norrahhi collected S$550 from Onky as a fee for job offers and gave him a fake Singapore IC which bore a different identity.

“This false IC was a laminated card which purports to be an identity card and was intended to be used for identification purposes when requested by his employer,” the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said in a news release.

Norrahhi instructed Onky to return to Indonesia on Nov 15, 2022, after working for 14 days in Singapore.

In November last year, Onky got acquainted with the second Indonesian man, 23-year-old Asrul Muzahar. He was also interested in finding work in Singapore.

Onky returned to Singapore on Jan 8 this year with Asrul, and the two men proceeded to Norrahhi’s home.

Both paid a fee of S$200 each for fake Singapore ICs which bore different identities.

“Norrahhi reminded them to memorise the details listed on these identity documents and not to reveal to anyone that they are Indonesians,” ICA said.

Onky and Asrul began to work as cleaners at a mall the next day.

On Jan 12, police officers conducted a routine check on Onky and Asrul and noticed that details on their identification documents, such as photographs, did not match their actual identities.

They were arrested for possessing forged Singapore ICs and referred to ICA, the authority said.

Onky and Asrul were convicted and sentenced on Jan 20 to two months’ imprisonment each.

Further investigations conducted by ICA revealed Norrahhi’s identity and he was arrested at his home on Jan 31.

“ICA takes a serious view of persons possessing forged ICs and/or abetting others to be in possession of these forged ICs,” said the authority.

Under the National Registration Act, anyone convicted of knowingly possessing a forged identity card may be jailed for up to 10 years, fined up to S$10,000, or both.

Anyone who abets such an offence may face the same punishment. CNA

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