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My Southeast Asia Ventures: I once feared spending time alone, but my 6-month internship in Bangkok changed that

Jade Yee

I worked so closely with Min and the rest of the small team that it felt like a family working together. My opinions were just as valued as everyone else’s, and I cheered along with everyone else when we had a successful launch.

Because of my fluency in English, Min relied on me in areas of the business that required the language. My Mandarin also had a refresher due to the large volume of customers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I also became more confident there. In Singapore, I took a couple of dance classes but didn’t feel like I was good enough to continue. Living in a new environment pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I was willing to go even further.

I signed up for dance classes in Bangkok, and at first, I was nervous about learning in an unfamiliar language and in a studio where I knew no one. But the dance community in Thailand was very welcoming despite the language barrier and I made many friends there.

I even took part in my first ever studio dance showcase in November 2022. I was so moved when my “Thai mum” Min and “family” at Aprilpoolday even visited my showcase to lend their support.

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