Home world 2 Swedes shot dead in Brussels, Belgium raises terror alert to top level

2 Swedes shot dead in Brussels, Belgium raises terror alert to top level

2 Swedes shot dead in Brussels, Belgium raises terror alert to top level
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BRUSSELS — Two Swedish nationals were shot dead and a third wounded in central Brussels on Monday (Oct 16) night, and a man who identified himself as a member of Islamist State claimed responsibility in a video posted online.

The suspected assailant fled the scene after the shooting as a football match between Belgium and Sweden was about to start, triggering a massive manhunt and prompting Belgium to raise its terror alert to the highest level.

A Belgian federal prosecutor said there was no evidence the attacker, who was still on the loose, had any link to the recent renewed conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants.

The suspected assailant, calling himself Abdesalem Al Guilani, claimed in a video on social media that he was a fighter for Allah. The federal prosecutor said the third victim, who was wounded but not in life-threatening condition, was a taxi driver. It called on residents in Brussels to stay indoors until the threat was over. European Commission staff were also advised to stay indoors.

Sweden in August raised its terror alert to the second-highest level, warning also of an increase in threats against Swedish interests abroad, after Quran burnings and other acts in Sweden against Islam’s holiest text outraged Muslims and triggered threats from jihadists.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo confirmed on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that the victims were Swedish.

“I have just offered my sincere condolences to the Swedish PM following tonight’s harrowing attack on Swedish citizens in Brussels,” Mr de Croo said on X.

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends who lost their loved ones. As close partners the fight against terrorism is a joint one,” he said.

Sweden’s Justice Minister, Gunnar Strommer, told Reuters: “Tonight we have received terrible news from Brussels. The Government office and relevant authorities are working intensively to get more information about what happened.”

The Swedish government was in contact with Belgian authorities to seek more information, he added.

All Swedes in Belgium will receive a text message sent to their phones urging them to be vigilant and to follow instructions from Belgian authorities, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said in a statement.

Belgium’s interior minister said that “due to a possible terrorist motive on the part of the perpetrator, the investigation is in the hands of the federal public prosecutor’s office”.

“The necessary measures are currently being taken to track down the perpetrator and ensure safety in and around the King Baudouin Stadium. Our condolences go out to the victims and their relatives.”

One Belgian newspaper said it was likely that the victims were two soccer supporters. Belgium were hosting Sweden in a Euro 2024 qualifying match on Monday evening. The match was suspended at halftime due to security reasons.

The shooting comes at a time of heightened security concerns in some European countries linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict. France is deploying 7,000 extra troops onto its streets after a teacher was fatally stabbed on Friday in an attack President Emmanuel Macron condemned as “barbaric Islamic terrorism”.

A Belgian police spokesperson confirmed on Monday that two people had been killed in a shooting incident near the centre of the Belgian capital, in a different area from the stadium, but declined to give further details.

Video footage posted on the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper website showed a man in an orange jacket on a scooter at a street intersection with a rifle first firing two shots, then three more, then running into a building, firing two more shots, leaving, taking a few steps back again and shooting one more time.

One Belgium newspaper said a witness said the shooter shouted “Allahu Akbar” before the shots were fired.

In the video message recorded by the self-declared perpetrator, he said:

“Islamic greeting Allahu Akbar. My name is Abdesalem Al Guilani and I am a fighter for Allah. I am from the Islamic State. We love who loves us and we hate who hates us. We live for our religion and we die for our religion. Alhamdulah. Your brother took revenge in the name of Muslims. I have killed three Swedes so far Al hamdoulelah. Three Swedish, yes. Those to whom I have done something wrong, may they forgive me. And I forgive everyone. Salam Aleykoum.”

France is tightening controls at the border with Belgium after the deadly attack in Brussels, Belgian media said.

Belgium’s crisis centre warned the public not to make any unnecessary trips in the capital. REUTERS