Home world #trending: Short-haired contestant wins Miss France for first time in 103 years; critics call judges ‘woke’

#trending: Short-haired contestant wins Miss France for first time in 103 years; critics call judges ‘woke’

#trending: Short-haired contestant wins Miss France for first time in 103 years; critics call judges ‘woke’
Ms Eve Gilles became the first Miss France with short hair in the pageant’s 103-year historyCritics have accused the contest’s judges of being “woke” for selecting a winner who they claim deviates from traditional beauty standardsSome online users also slammed Ms Gilles’ physical appearance, commenting about her “absence of curves”, thinness and short hairDespite the backlash, the beauty queen garnered significant support from fans and public figures, including some French politicians

By Izzah Imran Published December 19, 2023 Updated December 19, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

FRANCE — Is a woman with long hair deemed more beautiful and desirable? 

The debate over beauty standards of women have come to the fore after a contestant with a pixie cut was crowned as the new Miss France.

Ms Eve Gilles made waves on Saturday (Dec 16) by being the first-ever contestant with short hair to win the title of Miss France in the pageant’s 103-year history.

The aspiring statistician was crowned in front of a massive audience of 7.5 million television viewers.

Ms Gilles’ win, however, has sparked a surprising backlash against the nation’s top beauty pageant, with online critics accusing its judges of going “woke” for selecting a winner that they claim “doesn’t look anything like a Miss France”.

Ms Gilles has reportedly been harshly criticised for her “absence of curves”, her thinness and her short hair, according to French media.

Woke is a slang word typically used to describe individuals who are aware of social problems and injustices, such as racism and inequality. However, the term is also used by some conservatives in a disparaging way.

Over the weekend, the hashtag #MissFrance2024 trended on X (formerly Twitter) as many online users took to the social media platform to voice their opinions on the results.

Ms Gilles’ Instagram account also received a flood of negative comments.

One X user wrote: “In a stunning turn of events, the newly crowned Miss France has short hair!? It’s the woke ideology trying to force masculine-looking women upon us. Can society get more ridiculous?”

Another critic proclaimed: “Miss France is no longer a beauty contest but a woke contest which is based on inclusiveness.”

The sentiment was echoed by some other X users who accused Ms Gilles of “instilling wokeist values” into society, British tabloid The Daily Mail reported.

A handful of netizens even made fun of her appearance by calling her “anorexic” and “transgender”.

However, the negative comments were drowned out by a surge of support for Ms Gilles, with many people including French politicians, congratulating her on the historic win. 

One fan wrote: “Maybe the new #MissFrance isn’t gorgeous in your eyes, but seeing wokeism in her because she has short hair… It’s just ridiculous.”