Home world #trending: Bride, who lost her sight at 17, blindfolds groom and guests so they can live a moment in her shoes

#trending: Bride, who lost her sight at 17, blindfolds groom and guests so they can live a moment in her shoes

#trending: Bride, who lost her sight at 17, blindfolds groom and guests so they can live a moment in her shoes
A video of a bride who blindfolded her groom and guests at her wedding has gone viral Ms Lucy Edwards, 27, who is visually impaired, wanted them to experience a moment living in her shoesMany online users shared the newlywed’s joy and celebrated the heartwarming nuptialsOther wedding videos, such as a couple who gave fresh vegetables as door gifts and a groom who used sign language in his vows, have also gone viral

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LONDON, ENGLAND — When 27-year-old Lucy Edwards walked down the aisle on the biggest day of her life, none of her guests, including her husband, could see what she looked like in her stunning wedding dress.

When the bride’s father handed his daughter to the groom, all Mr Ollie Cave could do was feel her touch and the details of her dress.

Why? This is because they were all blindfolded. 

For Ms Edwards, her nuptials, conducted in such a manner, held special meaning because her vision is impaired. 

A recent video of Ms Edwards’ unforgettable wedding day went viral on TikTok, garnering 6.5 million views and over 500,000 likes, 1,200 shares and 1,600 comments to date, since it was posted on Sept 11.

Ms Edwards explained that she blindfolded her guests because she wanted them to experience a moment living in her shoes.

“This was such an important experience for us both even though Ollie isn’t blind, but we thought it was really important for him and all of my guests to experience what it’s like for me in the most important moment of our life so far,” wrote Ms Edwards, who lost her sight when she was 17. 

As the couple met at the end of the aisle, Mr Cave could be seen breaking out into a wide smile before kneeling down to feel Ms Edwards’ gown.

In her post, Ms Edwards wrote: “Before Ollie took off his blindfold we had a moment for him to feel my dress and understand why I chose it.”

“I am so lucky that I have a husband that accepts me for exactly who I am, my disability and everything. The whole me,” she added.​​​​​

Many online users applauded the innovative and practical idea.

One commenter praised the wedding couple’s thoughtfulness, writing: “What good fortune. Masyallah. This is more useful than weird souvenirs. So helpful for those whose wallet is empty at the moment. Hopefully, they are blessed.”

“The man took (the vegetables) according to his wife’s orders,” wrote another user who poked fun at one of the guest’s over-abundant pickings.


Closer to home, yet another sweet matrimony in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has won the hearts of many online. 

A groom with hearing impairment, who delivered his wedding vows in sign language, has gone viral, with many wishing the couple happiness after witnessing the heartfelt display of commitment. 

The video, which has attracted over 8.3 million views since it was posted on Sept 14 by user “abesolution9911” on TikTok, begins with the wali, the bride’s lawful guardian, finishing his declaration and handing the time over to the groom.

The groom then begins his vows in sign language, while his mother translates for him into a microphone, reported the New Straits Times. 


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