Home world Women-only coach occupied by male passengers in Malaysia MRT draws ire from netizens

Women-only coach occupied by male passengers in Malaysia MRT draws ire from netizens

Women-only coach occupied by male passengers in Malaysia MRT draws ire from netizens
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KUALA LUMPUR — A TikTok video of male passengers occupying the newly launched women-only coach in Malaysia’s MRT Kajang line train has been making its rounds on social media platforms.

The footage, posted by user “shueeween” last Tuesday (Sept 19) showed male passengers seated comfortably in the coach during non-peak hours.

The women-only coaches were introduced following concerns voiced by female passengers about encountering sexual harassment while on the train.

“Can’t blame them… they’re just Ken,” the caption in the video said, sarcastically referring to the male character Ken from the Barbie franchise.

Netizens voiced their frustration over the male passengers’ behaviour and questioned the actions of the authorities in addressing the matter.

One user, “Ally”, tagged Malaysia’s public transportation service provider RapidKL in her comment and urged the agency to take action so that such an incident would not occur again.

“Please @RapidKL, we have advised them many times before (about the same issue),” she said.

Another user “Muhammad Fuad”, suggested that the Malaysian Transport Ministry impose fines for individuals who flouted the women-only coach rules.

“RapidKL and MoT (Ministry of Transport) should propose a compound to be gazetted in Parliament. Only then would it be easier for authorities to do their work.”

The video has so far amassed almost 900,000 views and 90,000 likes.

In a separate video posted on Sept 20 by a social media user known only as “Samantha”, auxiliary policemen were seen asking male passengers seated at the ladies’ coach to leave.

“We have the police here today, but we are not sure how long this will last, though,” she said.

Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook previously said that the women’s coach for the MRT Kajang Line was established to provide a comfortable environment for women when travelling.

The designated women’s coach is in the midst of a trial run and will officially launch next month.

In April 2010, the rail network KTM Komuter introduced the women’s coach for female commuters, who make up 60 per cent of the company’s passengers.

The women’s coaches are differentiated with pink stickers displayed on the outer and inner parts of the coach, bearing the words “Coach for Ladies Only”, as well as designated waiting areas for female passengers. NEW STRAITS TIMES