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10 gifts for frequent travellers from S$12 that you’ll want to keep for yourself

10 gifts for frequent travellers from S$12 that you’ll want to keep for yourself

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By Ho Guo Xiong Published December 12, 2023 Updated December 13, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

Know someone who seems to be globetrotting all the time, whether it’s for work or leisure? It doesn’t matter if your friend is a digital nomad travelling the world, or taking vacations all year round, why not gift them thoughtful travel essentials that they can take with them on their next flight out? 

We’ve rounded up the best gifts you can buy for the frequent traveller in your life. These have been chosen to target various pain points we might encounter throughout any overseas trip, from packing luggage and in-flight entertainment to dealing with blemishes and wanting a good night’s rest. Psst, we won’t tell if you want to get these for yourself before your next flight out of Singapore!

Apple AirTag 4 Pack ($149)

The risk of losing your luggage in transit or falling prey to theft on holiday is real. To mitigate that problem, leave a Bluetooth tracker, such as the Apple AirTag, inside your luggage or belongings so that you can keep track of their whereabouts using your phone constantly. Attach it to anything that might be easily lost — keys, wallet, bags — or even pass it to a friend or child when the group separates for their own activities. Buy it here.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver ($81.60)

Full-service airlines provide in-flight entertainment to make the journey more enjoyable. But anyone who has tried the accompanying free headphones will know how uncomfortable they are. The solution is to use your own wireless earbuds or headphone by using the AirFly Pro to connect to the in-flight entertainment system via Bluetooth 5.0. And it’s not just for flights. The AirFly Pro works with gym equipment, gaming devices, television and any 3.5mm audio jack too. Buy it here.

Perilogics Universal Airplane in Flight Phone Mount ($12.20)

And for those flying budget sans in-flight entertainment, the mobile phone becomes the primary source of leisure. Use this phone mount to secure your phone to the tray table so you can watch videos without straining your neck or needing to cradle your phone. The mount is adjustable to get the optimal angle without glare. Use it even after you disembark from the plane — it can also be clamped to other objects up to 1.5 inches wide, such as tables, luggage handles and gym equipment for a hands-free viewing experience. Supports a wide range of phone sizes, up to Samsung Note 20 Plus (around 7.7cm in width). Buy it here.

AceMining Portable Door Lock 2 Pack ($39.19)

Staying in an Airbnb with an electronic lock or without a latch? Or just want to be doubly protected in a hotel room? Give yourself peace of mind with this portable door lock that can be easily installed using the door strike to prevent anyone from entering, even with a key. No tools required. The portable door lock has two holes of different sizes to match all types of locks while being made of strong, durable stainless steel. Buy it here.

Tripped Travel Gear Compression Packing Cubes for Travel 6 Piece ($65.66) 

Save space in your luggage and keep your clothes organised with these compression packing cubes. Unlike regular packing cubes, compressible ones are double-zipped so you further compact the cube to free up more luggage space. The six-piece sets come in various sizes to compartmentalise your outfits while using reinforced zippers to compress the contents. It is made with water-resistant ripstop polyurethane and can be laundered in the washing machine after use. Post-travel, these cubes can be used to store away raincoats and bigger coats and even puffer jackets until your next winter vacay. Buy it here.

Harris Bed Bug Traps 20-Pack ($45.93)

If you haven’t already heard, many major cities, from Paris and London to Hong Kong and Seoul, are dealing with bedbug infestations. Bedbugs are notoriously difficult to trace so the Harris bedbug trap can not only help you get definitive proof that your hotel room has bedbugs, but it can also potentially limit the spread away from your luggage. These pesticide-free traps use glue to trap the insects and are meant to be placed near bedposts. Buy it here.

Skin Inc Dream Again Lavender Scented Candle ($38)

Jet lag, being in a foreign environment and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can wreck sleep patterns during travel. Ease into bedtime and foster deeper sleep with aromatherapy — the Skin Inc soy wax candles are made with lavender, bergamot, lemon and cedar essential oil. Weighing in at 60g, the compact, lightweight candle fits easily in your luggage and is perfect to use to wind down at the end of a day of sightseeing. Buy it here.

CeraVe Daily Skincare Facial Bundle ($67.50)

Other unwelcome visitors while on holiday? Breakouts and blemishes, no thanks to the change in climate and diet. Keeping your skincare routine to the bare essentials can reduce further burden on your skin. Look to this CeraVe set, which include s a trio of their bestsellers — the Hydrating Facial Cleanser, AM and PM Facial Moisturising Lotion. They all contain ceramides and the AM lotion has an SPF 30 rating to double as your sunscreen. The lotions come in carry-on friendly packaging, though the cleanser needs to be decanted into a smaller travel-sized bottle. Buy it here.

Side by Side Premium Pouch Organizer for Tech in Shadow ($54.02)

As we rely increasingly on various electronics ranging from mobile phones and laptops to cameras and portable chargers, there are inevitably many cables, adapters, and even portable chargers to lug around. Keep them neatly and securely in one place with the Side by Side pouch organiser, which is slightly larger than a palm. It is made with elastic spandex that affords some stretch while being padded for extra protection for the gadgets. Buy it here.

Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Sheets ($21.90)

These Tru Earth detergent sheets were made to solve the pain point of dirty laundry while on holiday. While these are made for washing machines, you can still use them to handwash smaller batches of clothes whenever a machine isn’t readily accessible. They are also undoubtedly more portable than liquid or powder laundry detergents. The detergent touts a hypoallergenic formulation that is free of parabens and phosphates. Buy it here.