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Gen Y Speaks: Feeling like a failure since a botched singing performance led me to seek counselling — and find my voice again


Samantha Ng

Through CHAT, a national youth mental health outreach and assessment service, I found my therapist, Mei Yi, a counselling psychologist at Clarity Singapore who became my first bridge into the mental health community. 

Her reassuring and constant presence made me realise that there was a way out of my anxiety-filled world and a support system to guide me through it.

Through coping techniques such as breathing, visualisation and self-soothing, I was able to find ways to manage my feelings. 

Eventually, I saw my anxiety as a protective friend of sorts that had always been trying to look out for me, instead of a terrifying and looming figure that paralysed me from doing anything meaningful.

With my therapist’s continued support, I was able to gradually find ways to let my “’friend” trust me enough to carve a better life for myself.

This included regaining the courage to continue pursuing singing. 

Having a listening ear in Mei Yi made all the difference, because she helped me focus on improving and working on my dream, rather than be crippled by the thoughts of making mistakes.

And so, I started writing songs again and sharing my music with others.

I realised that making music made me happy because it was something I enjoyed, not because I was seeking the validation of others.


Having started a new positive chapter in my life thanks to therapy, I know that there are many out there who may also be struggling with their mental health too.

I wanted to give back and to let them know it’ll be okay.

So, in June this year, I joined TikTok’s Youth for Good programme, a specialised training programme that empowers youths to not only raise awareness of mental and cyber wellness, but to also become a beacon of light to encourage help-seeking behaviours among our peers.

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