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In final farewell, Malaysia’s K9 officers salute Genting landslide hero search dog Blake which lost cancer fight

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KUALA LUMPUR — A solemn farewell was held on Thursday (Sept 21) at the Taman Sri Sentosa Fire and Rescue Department K9 Unit in Kuala Lumpur, as sniffer dog Blake, which had faithfully served the unit, was laid to rest. 

Blake was euthanised due to his deteriorating health, and the funeral took place at 11am.

The seven-year old English Springer Spaniel, brought in from the United Kingdom, has been a member of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department canine team since 2017.

Blake made headlines after the media caught news of the dog passing out due to exhaustion after days of tirelessly searching for victims trapped under metres of thick mud and soil in the Genting Highlands landslide, one of the deadliest landslide incidents in Malaysia last year.

The fire department had organised a private funeral ceremony for Blake, which K9 Unit officers attended. 

The officers gathered to pay their last respects to their loyal four-legged comrade.

As a gesture of reverence, the officers scattered soil and flowers over Blake’s resting place.

A senior officer led the final tribute from the fire department’s K9 Unit, who saluted the departed canine hero. 

All the unit’s members followed this salute, expressing their deep respect and gratitude for Blake’s dedicated service.

Blake was euthanised on Sept 18 due to its advanced stage four lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system. 

Blake was diagnosed with the disease in August and admitted to the Veterinary Faculty University Putra Malaysia (UPM)’s Anjing Kesayangan ward last Thursday.

Blake reportedly failed to respond to the medicine and treatment given by the veterinarian, and the lymphoma cancer detected in him had aggressively spread throughout his body.

Veterinarian Nur Alimah Rahman agreed with the decision to put Blake to sleep because of its rapidly deteriorating health, with no hope of recovery. NEW STRAITS TIMES

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