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#trending: Malaysian boy, 7, praised online for packing biscuits to eat in school and help family ‘save money’

A mother took a TikTok video showing her interaction with her seven-year-old son about moneyShe found out he tried to pack biscuits for lunch in school in order to save his pocket money  The boy said that he did it because he believed his family “didn’t have very much money”The video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, with people praising the boy’s maturity The mother later clarified that her family was not facing financial difficulties

By Izzah Imran Published September 22, 2023 Updated September 22, 2023 Bookmark Bookmark Share WhatsApp Telegram Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn

MALAYSIA — Believing that his family does not have “very much money”, a seven-year-old boy in Malaysia packed some biscuits in his bag to avoid having to spend on lunch in school.

A TikTok video of the boy’s mother catching him in the selfless act has touched the hearts of online users.

In the video, Ms Nadiya Hayati noticed her son Zachary trying to discreetly stash something in his backpack while preparing for school. To her surprise, she discovered that her son had carefully stored three biscuits in a small container, with the intention of eating them during recess instead of buying food at the school canteen. 

“He said he wants to bring (the biscuits with him) because he wants to save his pocket money,” the captions on the video read.

Curious about his newfound thriftiness, Ms Nadiya asks Zachary in the video why he wants to save money, since she has never asked him to do so. 

Initially hesitant, the boy tries to dodge the question but he eventually opens up and confesses: “Because we don’t have very much money.”

The boy then shows his mother the container again, explaining that he had to nibble on the edges of the three square biscuits in order to squeeze them into the small round space.

Zachary then repeats his intention of saving his pocket money by finishing the rest of the partially eaten biscuits at school.

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